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Water Well Inspection & Testing IN Oregon

Available for Real Estate transaction well water testing and well system inspection from Skyles Well Drilling in Oregon. We are a resource for real estate transactions when buying or selling a home. We are prompt and work hard to fit within your transaction deadlines. With our assistance, you can obtain the required testing and have a clear picture of the status of the well water and what may be needed to do to improve its quality.

Maintaining Your Well

Some simple well maintenance and record keeping will help protect the quality of your water and your well.

Water Quality




General Maintenance

Take care when working or mowing around your well and keep the top of the well at least one foot above the ground. Additionally, keep your well records, including a copy of your well log, pump information, water quality, and flow testing information in a safe place.

The landowner has the ultimate responsibility for maintenance of their well(s). If well construction problems are discovered that may contribute to contamination or waste of the groundwater resource, the Oregon Water Resources Department may require repairs or abandonment to eliminate the problem.

The department will look first to the well constructor to determine if the well was constructed to standards. However, if the constructor is unable or unwilling to perform the repairs, the landowner may assume the responsibility. Problems with the well, due to age or a change in site conditions, may require repairs or abandonment of the well, which are the responsibility of the landowner.

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